Scale of Charges from 1 August 2017:

Main HallResidentCommercial/
Non resident
Up to 6:00pm (per hour)£9.35£15.35
Minimum hire 2 hours£18.70£30.70
6:00pm to midnight£11.55£19.75
Minimum hire 3 hours£34.65£59.25
After midnight (per hour)£19.00£35.70
Reading Room
Up to 6:00pm (per hour)£5.50£10.50
6:00pm to midnight£7.15£12.10
Minimum hire 2 hours£14.30£24.20
All times (per hour)£5.80£10.30
Hire of entire ground floor
9:00am to 6:00pm£173.25£302.50
6:00pm to midnight£138.00£242.00


The following are also available for hire per day or part day:

Cutlery£1.70 per 10 items
Crockery£2.40 per 10 items
Large wooden tables£4.00 each
Small tables£2.30 each
Chairs£0.75 each

Note that the crockery, cutlery, tables and chairs are free to use on the premises during a period of hire.